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🇫🇷 french bandeau scarves 🇫🇷

Originally inspired by French children’s écharpes, these scarves are an elegant nod to the days when dressing well was considered a form of good manners. The Guy and Darren Bandeau Scarf is the perfect winter accessory for your child this season. 

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Bandeau Scarf--CobaltBandeau Scarf--Cobalt
Bandeau Scarf--Cobalt Sale price$22.00
Bandeau Scarf--Heather GreyBandeau Scarf--Heather Grey
Bandeau Scarf--AppleBandeau Scarf--Apple
Bandeau Scarf--Apple Sale price$22.00
Bandeau Scarf--BlackBandeau Scarf--Black
Bandeau Scarf--Black Sale price$22.00
Bandeau Scarf--GreyBandeau Scarf--Grey
Bandeau Scarf--Grey Sale price$22.00
Bandeau Scarf--BlushBandeau Scarf--Blush
Bandeau Scarf--Blush Sale price$22.00
Bandeau Scarf--CreamBandeau Scarf--Cream
Bandeau Scarf--Cream Sale price$22.00
Bandeau Scarf--ChocolateBandeau Scarf--Chocolate
Bandeau Scarf--Chocolate Sale price$22.00